Bizarre Foods


Snails? Frogs legs? Guess this does not scare food lovers anymore. So, here are some more interesting things that I tried and stayed alive.

1. Fugu fish.
This is one of the most expensive fish in Japan. Usually Japanese do not have lunch at restaurants that serve fugu fish. Most of them go there on special occasions (for example, when a foreign important “boss” is there with a friendly visit).

It is served as a set of dishes. I tried fugu sashi (sashimi) and fugu nabe (hot pot). To tell you the truth I was not impressed by it. The fish itself is like jelly and the taste is very subtle and mild; there was no tingling sensation from the small amount of poison left.

Unfortunately, this is the only picture from the fugu restaurant.

fugu, Japan, фугу, Япония, fugu, žuvis, Japonija

2. Horse sashimi (Basashi).

Trying this dish was not my objective while I was staying in Japan. But it happened when I was at new udon restaurant. There I was asked weather I’d like to try something unusual. And here it was – basashi or horse meat. The white part is the neck of the horse; it is chewy, a bit fatty, but the overall impression is – delicious!!!
Horse meat is not eaten everywhere throughout Japan. You can find it in Nagano, Kumamoto and Oita.

basashi, horse meat, Japan, конина, Япония, arkliena, Japonija

3. Raw squid.
One more treat from Japan. This one was also served as sashimi. The squid that I know is cooked to a state when it’s white and a bit too chewy. Not my favourite to be honest. But what served was see-through and amazingly tender. As I was told the squid is transparent when it has just been cut. It goes well with a huge mug of beer.
squid, raw, japan, япония, кальмар, япония, kalmaras, švežias, Japonija, maistas

4. Balut.
This is my all-time favourite. Street-food in the Philippines – a boiled duck egg with an embryo inside. Best eaten with vinegar and lots of beer. If you do not like balut (or balot), means you haven’t had enough beer. In case you are wondering how to eat it here is a short guide.

balot, balut, balutas, balotas, Filipinai, Philippines, балот, балут, Филиппины

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